Writer: Joelle Jones, Jamie S Rich

Artist: Joelle Jones

Colorist: Lauren Allred

Cover Artist: Joelle Jones

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Genre: Actions/Adventure

These are my views regarding to the comic. We may not agree or share the same views and that is totally fine with me. Well, let me start by saying this story arc and artwork is amazing!


This comic is about Josie Schuller. Wife, mother and an Assassin for Hire. It is set in the 1960s. The book captures how housewives struggled then to balance housework and keeping the family entertained.

Josie also has a disgruntled mother-in-law who would like nothing more than for her son to leave Josie. The book combines humor and action with amazing artwork.


 I really enjoyed this story by Joelle Jones. I find the whole Housewife/Assassin persona very exciting. The artwork is EXCELLENT.  I sense an evening with ice-cream and Josie the beautiful contract killer would be fun.


Oh my god you guys, it’s a fantastic comic and I would encourage my friends to indulge themselves. A trip back to the 1960s via the Lady Killer comic isn’t a bad idea.

Writing: 4/5

Art: 5/5

Cover: 3.5/5



One thought on “Lady Killer #1 -Review

  1. Great review! Love the “Thoughts” Having Ice cream with her would be awesome. Maybe vodka? 🙂 Nice insight on the “Verdict


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