Fan fiction has become my life. I don’t even go out anymore.

So far in 2016 we have been blessed with some amazing new TV Series as well as continuations of some already fantastic programming over which to geek out! Well at least I am!

There have been new characters you would like to hang out with, and others you would simply like to hang! Character with whom you have fallen in love, characters in whom you are emotionally invested, and still others you disdain, if not outright hate. Characters you relate to and others who seemingly have not a single redeeming quality.

Over the past few months I have laughed, gasped in shock and surprise, sat on the edge of my seat in suspense, nodded in approval, pumped my fist in celebration, screamed in anger, averted my eyes to some grisly horror, and yes, I wont lie, cried. I make no apologies for the tears. I am a fan-girl and I don’t keep calm!

So, without further adieu, in no particular order, my 2016 must see TV series.

This post doesn’t contain spoilers so feel free to share with friends.

                                       **The Walking Dead**

For the half dozen or so on the planet who have not already seen or heard about TWD, it is essentially a horror TV series adapted from an ongoing comic of the same name created by Robert Kirkman.

The protagonist, Officer Rick Grimes awakens after being shot in the line of duty to a world overrun by what can only be described as zombies (hence the title of the series). TWD chronicles his reluctant but eventual evolution to leader of a group of fellow survivors and all they encounter in trying to stay alive.

But the real danger lies less with the slow moving, dim witted “biters” (although they are formidable in numbers and creepy as hell), but more so with the surviving human population.


Let me put it this way, even if I were dead, I would still walk to the nearest TV on Sunday night at 9:00 and turn to AMC!

For all you Gore, Zombie, Blood loving fans you’ll enjoy this.
                                       *** Vikings***

While they are every bit as wild and woolly as the historical figures of Norse lore, such is the power of VIKINGs that we find ourselves rooting for them – even as they lop off heads, bludgeon with hatchets and otherwise dismember pillage whomever stands in their way. It is a finely blended mix of drama, action, adventure with not an insignificant amount of historical accuracy! I absolutely LOVE this show. If Ragnar Lothbrok says he wants to have you for dinner…well, just take care as he may actually have you for dinner! YUM!

                                **** Stranger Things****

In this Sci-Fi series set in the small town of Hawkins, IN in the 1980s, a middle school aged boy, Will, disappears into thin air on while riding home from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign at the house of his best friend, Mike. Mike and his 2 compatriots, Dustin and Lucas, uncover secret governmental experiments, another dimensions, a strange dangerous resident of said dimensions, and a very unique young girl.

Balancing style and substances is always challenging ,but this show does so perfectly. Stranger Things does a great job of taking you back to the time when the biggest challenge was working up the courage to speak to that cute girl(boy) in your Math class, and then completely pulls the metaphorical rug out from under you, dropping you into a world where you have a hell of a lot more to worry about than who likes who…like “Where is our best friend?” “Why are all of these adults after us?” “What the hell is that creature?” and “How did she do that?” It will leave you counting the days until season 2!

                      ***Game Of Thrones***

The series is based on George R Martins novel about a fantasy world where various factions lay claim to, and plot and scheme a means to secure the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms. Toss in some White Walkers (think the medieval version of Walking Dead from Siberia), some honest to goodness dragons and a hell of a lot of swordplay and stabbing – lots of stabbing, lots of gratuitous nudity and sex scenes, and you have GOT. You may need a map or chart  first, to keep track of all the different parties, but stick with it. It is visually stunning with fantastic writing with great acting and definitely worth the time it takes to get up to speed.

Cannot wait for the next season!



Son of a Texas preacher turned preacher himself, Jesse Cluster ( an anagram for Secret JESUS), his girlfirend TULIP and a Vampire named Cassidy on a journey to literally find God in this TV drama based on the critically acclaimed comic written by Garth Ennis. As it turns out God has skipped out and Jesse, having been imbued by something known as the Genesis Force, is having none of it.

As a HUGE fan of all things Garth Ennis and particularly this title I am quite pleased thus far as although it is keeping with the overarching original comic plot, it is not an exact panel by panel rendition of the comic. I look foreword to what happens next with our…unorthodox triumvirate


Having seen the film, I was pretty confident that the TV series could not possibly be worse. I was pleasantly surprised to find I am thoroughly enjoying DD. The writing has been good as has been the acting (Wilson Fisk is very well played) and the introduction of supporting characters and cameo appearances has been great – especially the Punisher! I’ll admit to having my doubts when I heard it was “Shane” from TWD (in the comics Frank castle is a much bigger man clocking in at 6’1” and 200lbs), but after the prison scene I am a believer! Let’s hope it maintains its momentum…which I suspect it will given the hints of appearances by Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and maybe even Iron Fist!


     Jessica Jones
Fear The Walking Dead
Into The Bad Lands

   The Get Down
The Night Of





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