I’m not ashamed to say that I have not read any of the previous run of Generation Zero but that just means I can look at this version with a fresh perspective. Having said that, Fred Van Lente’s spin on GZ has seriously piqued my interest and as a result I really want to check out the previous run and learn all I can about it. Knowledge is power man!

I do not think the premise is necessarily anything original – people with special abilities are identified trained to be assassins, and generally exploited by an ominous corporate entity, only to break from their bondage and seek revenge on their former handlers. But I like I said above I enjoyed Fred Van Lente’s take on it.

I am happy to see one of the heroes, Keisha is a young black girl. We need more black heroes in comics. Too often in entertainment, the black charterer is the villain, gang member, thug, drug dealer or some other such nefarious or unlikable character. We are making progress though – Black Panther, Storm, Monet, Luke Cage, Cyborg, John Stewart, and now we can add Keisha from Generation Zero to that list.


Keisha is my new girl crush! I love this character. She’s not your stereotypical African American female. Although she is a beautiful girl with a lot of spunk, she is Gothic, intellectual and proud of it. I enjoyed the little interracial panels as well. I’m looking forward to learning more about ‘Generation Zero’ and reading the next issue.

I really don’t know the back story but I am reminded of a combination of Kids Next Door, Teen Titans, and Stranger Things, with a Splash of The X Men thrown in for good measure. There’s a good concept in Generation Zero and if you liked/ enjoyed any of the shows listed above then it will be a HIT for you.

Picture a small, peaceful town, nice people, no crime…a perfect place to live…almost too perfect…almost like it is not real. Keisha’s boyfriend, Stephen, was having doubts about this perfect town in which they lived and started to investigate. Not long after Stephen fell victim to an unfortunate accident. Could this be a coincidence? Is someone trying to hide something? And what could it be?

As the story progresses you’ll be introduced to new kids who appear to show up out of nowhere! Strange huh?

If you’re new to the Valiant universe you could do worse than starting with Generation Zero. While you’re at it grab Bloodshot, Faith and Shadowman…you wont be disappointed

Danny Glover is that you? lol



PS Did I tell you how much I loved Stranger Things? Join my facebook group “Nerdy ChatterBox” and lets talk! click the link!


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