glitterbomb_01-1Glitter Bomb

Writer: Jim Zub

Artist K.Michael Russell

Publisher: Image Comics

Cover Price: $3.99

Farrah Durante is a middle aged actress hunting for an acting gig. But as we all know, in Hollywood youth often trumps experience. Her latest rejection is too much for her and she decides to walk into the ocean…permanently. But Farrah and her despair are not alone in the water…something else is there…something horrifying…something ready to kill!

In a town where everybody uses everybody to get ahead in life, at the end of the day we are all meat. The Hollywood career aspect of the story does a nice job of portraying the insecurities and vulnerability of aging female actresses. Glitterbomb is a mix of social commentary wrapped in a brilliant horror story, and it’s completely unforgiving in its unexpected violence.

Keep an eye out for the beach scene. Watch as Farrah succumbs to her despair. You can almost feel the weight of the water pressing down on you. I am sure many of you will relate be able to relate to some degree to what Farrah is feeling. I think you will find yourself cheering for Farrah despite an ….unusual turns of events.

Overall, this series has a lot of potential! Mr Zub story is intense and it grabs at the readers attention right from the start. The artwork is first rate.

I’ll be following this story and I’m looking forward to seeing where the creative team of GlitterBomb goes in the future.

4.5 stars for me.


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