rco001_1473318687The Great Divide #1

Writer: Ben Fisher

Art: Adam Markiewicz

Colors: Adam Guzowski

Publisher: Dynamite

I’m a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre of fiction comics, movies, tv series, etc., which is great because that seems to be what is “in” at the moment. I love the concept and the idea of survivors of some catastrophic event trying to make sense out of what happened and fighting for survival. It speaks to the power of the survival instinct in all life, as well as the lengths to which humanity will go to ensure it.

Let me introduce you my friends to The Great Divide. As a reminder, you know I don’t post spoilers so feel free to read, comment and share with friends.

The story of The Great Divide is not really anything we have not seen before (a loner wandering a fairly desolate landscape), but it does have a very cool and to the best of my knowledge original twist. Without giving it all away, imagine death by skin to skin contact, multiple personality disorder in that it is in effect contagious, action, adventure, and even toss in some timely comic relief and you have the recipe for an original and highly entertaining comic. (Hey Netflix? Are you listening?!)

The story starts with our following the exploits of the protagonist, Paul, who is looking to trade porn, of all things, for some gloves and perhaps something bit more on the voyeuristic side, when things go from bad to worse. As an aside, isn’t it fantastic how after all that has happened, porn is still alive and well…lol……Like a cockroach, porn seems to be able to survive just about anything!

The art team Adam Markiewicz and Adam Guzowski did a great job. The combination of the writing and the art do a great job of showing us the danger in this new environment as opposed to explaining it. The old “a picture paints a thousand words” well done:) Keep up the great work! (As an aside, does Mr Fisher call one of you Adam M and the other Adam G so as to not be confused, or is it more of last name only 🙂 ?)
10 out 10!!

P.S Some of the overtly sexual content is not appropriate for kids so mature audience only.


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