Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Rafael De Latorre
Colorist: Rob Schwager
Publisher: AfterShock Comics

Let’s recap Animosity#1


Basically this comic examines what might happen if one day the animals “wake up” and have the same intellect as human beings, complete with memories of what has happened in the past (this could be good or REALLLY BAD!). With the ability to think and speak it does not take long for them to exact their revenge on any and all who have wronged them – and that means humanity! It is an interesting spin on Orwell’s Animal Farm for sure. Keep an eye out for the “Panda” panel… lol sweet.

I have a Boxer “daughter” named Jo, whom I love. God forbid she would ever need to, but I’m sure she would (even at her age) do her best to protect me (like how Sandor loves and protect Jesse.)


Serious question what are you doing with your life if you are not reading Animosity? Tell meeeee!
I mentioned about that its similiar to Animal Farm but it also brings to mind that classic alternate reality sci-fi classic Planets of the Apes concepts as well. The comic writing is smart and well done. I found myself at times cringing, being angry, feeling compassion and genuine affection and concern…That’s good storytelling 🙂


De Latorre and Schwager they did a phenomenal job with the animals and their color scheme. I loved the variety of animals portrayed in this comic! That crocodile on the train! Hearing his story makes me want to hug him …but on second thought…thought that’s probably not wise.


I especially enjoyed the “market” where humans and animals gathered to trade, etc. The negotiations between human- animals scenes were inspired and often humorous! Prediction: Sudden huge upturn in the number of vegans 😛


Its similar to The Walking Dead in that potential danger lurks around every corner, except it is just not in the form of slow witted and even slower moving zombies, but rather ferocious and often extremely powerful, cunning, stealthy and swift animals! Cool concept huh? Grab a few cops and lets talk.


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