Blood & Dust: The Life & Undeath Of Judd Glenny #2


Before I start book 2 let me recap book 1.

Vampires! Don’t we just love them and their gothic persona? lol

You may be all “vampired out” at this point with the glut of vampire stories, movies, etc.; however, Judd Glenny isn’t your average vampire.  Once he was the most feared and powerful of vampires… but now he’s just your lovable grandpa (exaggerating a bit) It’s an interesting take on an old topic.

We are all familiar with the vampires that create havoc and leave a trail of dead, bloodless bodies in their wake, but Judd Glenny just wants to settle down and protect his family.

But Judd and his family aren’t the only creatures that lives in the town. There is something else that lives in the swamp, something that drags children into it’s lair. Hence the locals dubbed it the Boggy Depot Monster! Oooh scary!

For several years Judd had been warning his grandkids about what lives in the swamp but they did what children do – the little brats ignored grandpa’s warning and proceeded to play near the swamp. Now Judd is forced to settled an old debt with this Boggy Depot Monster. But Quite frankly Judd is not as young as he used to be and we are left to wonder if he has bitten off more than he can chew. But not to worry, the family has a few secrets and tricks up their sleeves to solve the problem..the question is will the solution be worse than the problem?

Despite being so intense, it is actually relateable in a way. Just as we often take on more than we can manage, it looks like even a supernatural being can do the same. Or perhaps its just me? Either way paint me intrigued.

This is me telling you go out and support the book! Whether you like vampires or not. You wont be disappointed.

PS Its not the best choice for kids.



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