Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Colorist: Luis NCT
Letterer: Steve Wands
Hello Chatterboxigans,
I’m sure we all know what the term FrostBite means so lets jump right into the review!
So, I’m browsing at my local comic store here in tropical Buffalo and appropriately enough I see a title called Frostbite.  However, it was not the title that caught my eye, so much as the dope-ass girl with the cute butt on the cover!   Miss Kaeton:  Please share your workout and dietary plans with me (ha!)
Pull your map out and let go on a road trip to Los Angeles fifty -seven years into a new Ice Age!
Ice! Ice! Baby!
Heat is power and if you have learned anything from comics, novels, movies and playing video games it is that everybody wants power.   As is the case with most post-apocalyptic worlds, there is the primary threat and the secondary threat.  In this case we have the primary threat of the ICE and Frostbite (a new disease that freezes you on a molecular level form the inside out), and of course the secondary threat of various factions of humanity trying to exploit and take advantage of the situation.  Actually…it would not be a leap to reverse that.  Think  The Walking Dead with a twist, only in this case it is fight the cold, fear the living:)
We are introduced to Dr Henry Bonham and his daughter Dr. Victoria Bonham.  Vic apparently has discovered the key to curing Frostbite  but of course people are hunting her down! Enter Keaton (the dope-ass girl on the cover) and her crew who are hired to transport the doctors across the Ice to a lab in LA to finalize the cure.  And so the journey begins.
This is a great comic and you should jump onboard!  Lots of subtleties here as well – how the population has grown cold just as the Earth has.  Hearts have frozen as much as the Earth and compassion appears all but gone, replaced by a survival at all costs mindset.
You chatterboxigans knows how much I love me some post-apocolytic stories!
The art fits the story perfectly – almost makes you feel like you need a sweater and mittens just to turn the pages,so shout-out to the Letterer, Colorist and Artist –  you guys did a phenomenal job.

Frostbite is defintely hot!   Thanks again for reading.



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