Jo’s Big Paws


Greeting Nerdy Chatterbox readers!

Let me be the first to tell you that my first children’s book was published today, October 21, 2016!  Wohooo!! Throw cyber confetti and balloons at me.  Haha!

Let me tell you about my book Jo’s Big Paws.


Jo’s Big Paws is the story of a Boxer puppy who is trying to very hard be helpful, only to discover it is harder than it might seem! JBP seeks to teach the lesson that what might appear at first to be an obstacle or problem can often be a blessing in disguise!

A few people have asked me why I made the characters in the book an interracial couple.  To this I say, why not?

The story was inspired by my dog Jo and a beautiful little girl that I know that happens to be interracial.  She loves books and I realized that I haven’t read a book with an interracial family before so again I say why not?

I just want to say a big thank you to my family, friends, Nerdy Chatterbox  group members and you, my readers, for supporting me.

You can like Jo’s Big Paws  Facebook page here

And you can buy the book on Amazon here

Jo 🙂JoDec192011.jpg




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