Written by: Alex de Campi

Art by: Tony Parker

Colorist: Bond

Published by: Image comics

Cost $3.99



Hey guys!  Before I get into this review I must say what a phenomenal job Image Comics is doing.  Not only are they putting out new titles – seemingly every month, but the quality remains exemplary.  Demonic (Chris Sebala), The Hunt (Colin Lorimer – he’s an awesome guy, btw) Kill or Be Killed (Ed Brubaker), Mechanism (Raffaele Lenco), Moonshine (Brian Azzarello), She-Wolf (Rich Tommaso), Chew (John Layman), Outcast (Robert Kirkman), The Black Monday Murders (Jonathan Hickman), Paper Girls (Brian K. Vaughan), Romulus (Bryan Hill), Saga (Brian K Vaughn), Seven To Eternity (Rick Remender), Cannibal (Brian Buccellato), Eclipse (Zack Kaplan), GlitterBomb (Jim Zub), NailBiter (Joshua Williamson), Spread (Justin Jordan).  I could go on forever!  I wish there was an actual Image TV Network with all their stuff!  Quite frankly, that would be the only network I would need J

The Image section is actually my go to section in my local comic book stores here in Buffalo.




WARNING! WARNING! Adult content.

This five issue mini-series is set in the Cold War era of the 1970s.  All we know now is that pair of KGB agents is sent to the US to kill a defector and recover a list of Soviet assets.

The first issue kicks off with a lot of violence, drugs, sex, and vodka. Aside from the violence (and in my case the drugs) I am betting there are plenty to whom this sounds like a good time…I mean who doesn’t like sex and vodka?  Well, you might want to pause on the vodka in this comic.  I won’t say why, but you will find out soon enough.  Feel free to write to me at when you read the comic and find out for yourself.

Let’s take a minute to acknowledge how talented Mr. Parker is.  I am sure e have seen comics where the story and art are both great…just not this story with that art.  This is NOT one of those.  In my humble opinion, the art and storyline work great together.

I’ll be following this story closely.  It’s not often that a comic can elicit suspense, curiosity and even at the same time.  LOL…  Who said comic-loving girls can’t be pervy sometimes?



Can we take another minute to appreciate the girl in the bathroom?  A great example of the artwork being so well done…I’ll just say it is true to the times and let you figure out the rest.  Nice comic relief also…I swear, that comment from Felix “I am Sorry. I think you have many diseases” made me chuckle aloud.

Verdict- I love it!


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