Writer: Jim Zub

Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: November 9, 2016

Cover Price: $3.99


Farrah: Last night I had an epiphany and I want to share it with you…

Stop right there Ms. Farrah.  It seem like you’re a mind reader because I too want to share something with my readers!

I’m a fangirl and CALM is not part of my vocabulary.

I have been following this comic since it was released in September of 2016.  We are currently up to issue #3 and I must say the story still holds my interest.  It does a great job of depicting the seedy underbelly of Hollywood…  There are plenty of stories about the young, beautiful and successful actresses.  Glitterbomb chooses to focus on the not so young, not so successful unemployed single mom actress and her struggles.  The horrors of Hollywood on display here parallel nicely with the protagonist’s own inner demons.

Every so often you come across a really good comic series that holds your attention, occupies your thoughts, and could quite possibly prompt withdrawal symptoms a week before the scheduled publication date.  If you’re like me you can just stalk the writer or artist twitter page try to get some clues on what’s going to happen in the coming issue.

I am loving the art as well.  The cover is compelling.  And as for the interior, there is just the right amount of gore to convey the horror but then it is juxtaposed with great visual comic relief.  I am sure we all have experienced the antics of a toddler incapable of keeping himself from exploring under the table at a restaurant, or prowling the sidewalk as a “100 foot monster” as we make our way down the street Fist bump guys!

Mr. Zub does a great job with his character development.  They are real people with real life problems.  I am sure readers have no problem relating to one or more of the characters.  I work with toddlers and the writer’s depiction of Farrah’s Little boy Marty as a toddler is spot-on.  And Farrah sounds exactly like my mama! Ha-ha!


Farrah’s “demon” can be taken literally of course, but it can also be seen as a commentary on how the importance society places on the external or superficial (youth and beauty) can create self loathing – or an idea of there being ugliness inside you.   Glitterbomb is just releasing that ugliness in a more concrete way J  that limo scene!  I’m liking the new, improved and confident Farrah!  She is killing it (pun intendedJ ) and I feel nothing but love for her…. Wait, did I just say out loud that I love a murdering, vengeful, psychopathic, has-been actress, single mom?  That, my friends, is what you called brilliant writing.  Kudos to the writer (Jim Zub).    In fact, kudos to all involved, including artist (Djibril Morissette-Phan ), colorist (K. Michael Russell), letterer (Marshall Dillion) and Back Matter (Holly Raychelle Hughes) – without you guys the comic wouldn’t be what it is right now! Keep up the good work!

So this is me saying go out and support GLITTERBOMB! Write to me so we can talk about it or Dm me via twitter @sonnierobin lets be Glitterbomb friends!






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