Greetings Chatterboxigans,

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been hard at work completing my first children’s book (Jo’s Big Paws available at Amazon) as well as the first two in a series of short stories about life in the Caribbean (Run Bim-Bim! Run! and No Weh Nuh Better Than Yard – both e-versions available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble).  But I am back!

I was talking with a friend about comics and he asked me what was more important to me – the writer or the artist? “Both, of course” I said as if it were the only possible answer.

And to be honest, it is the only possible answer, at least from my perspective. I may buy a comic based solely on the art.  I am equally as likely to buy a comic sight unseen based solely on the author.   Once I like an artist or author, my default setting is loyalty.

Having said that, no matter how good a story is, if the art is unappealing to me, I may not continue to read the book.  Art is important in that it enhances the experience.  The reason comics are such a cool medium is the combination of art and story.  Regular literature relies on the written word to paint the picture.  With comics, the artist literally paints the picture for you.  There is a reason they say a picture is worth a thousand words.   A comic story can be mediocre but contain amazing artwork and it will still sell.

A few my favorite comic artists’ recent work (believe me this is a SHORT list and in no way should be interpreted as the only artists whose work I enjoy…ask me again in an hour and it might be 10 different artists!):

  • Tyler-Crook (Harrow County) harrow county
  • Steve Dillion– Rest In peace (Preacher,The Punisher, among others)24DILLON2-obit-master768
  • Giovanni Tampano (Eclipse)eclipse
  • Rafael De Latorre(Animosity)animosity
  • Natacha Bustos (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur)moon girl and dd
  • Fiona Staples (Saga) 
  • sagga
  • Gabriel Henandez Walta (Vision) The-Vision
  • Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls) PaperGirls_Vol01-1

As you can tell, the styles are all different and distinct.  For me, each artist does a great job of complementing the writer’s story.

Leave a comment below -tell me who’s your all time favorite comic book artist and also recommend a comic book, video game, novel, etc that you would like me to review.


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