Greetings Chatterboxigans,
I recently had a conversation with some group members via Facebook about anime and/or cartoons and I realized I have yet to blog about some of my favorites… What an unforgivable oversight, right?!
I grew up in Jamaica (the island in the Caribbean, not the suburb of Queens, NY) and I can honestly say my head was always in the clouds. I’m a dreamer and I take pride in being adventurous with my thoughts (if that makes sense).  As I look back, I realize that I didn’t have many friends growing up and as such spent a lot of time watching cartoons.  The Powerpuff Girls, the X Men and the Rugrats were my friends.  We did not have cable TV and therefore had only 3 available TV stations, of which one frequently did not work on our TV…and even when it did it broadcasted mostly religious programming. 
I can remember racing home from school to watch Batman: The Animated Series, The PowerPuff Girls, Doug, Pink Panther, X-Men, Animanics, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Rugrats, Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, before 5:00 pm when the cartoon programming would end.   (Judging by the aforementioned list I am pretty sure you figured out I’m a 90’s kid)
Then I had my first taste of anime via Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Balls Z and Naruto and I was obsessed.  I wanted to know more about this style of animation and before you know it I was reading manga and surfing the web for free anime.
To cut a long story short I compiled some of my favorite anime below just for you.
  • ·         Cowboy Bebop
  • cow
  • ·         FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhoodfull
  • ·         Kill La killKill-La-Kill-Image-2
  • ·         Dragon Ball Zdragonball-z-online-features
  • ·         Bleachbleach anime characters
  • ·         One Pieceone_piece_v2___anime_icon_by_snusmumrikend-d6g45y6
  • ·         Witch BladeWitchBlade-witchblade-anime-30295211-1024-768
  • ·         Attack on Titansattack-on-titan-season-2-spring-2017
  • ·         Hunter x HunterHunter_Exam_Arc
  • ·         Death Notedeath-note
  • ·         Fairytalefairytale
  • ·         Ajinajin
  • ·         Black LagoonBlack_Lagoon_C
  • ·         Akame Ga Killakame
  • ·         Seven Deadly Sins seven
I am certain I left some off so please feel free to recommend an anime or two for me to watch.
Thanks for reading J

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