Hello Chatterboxigans,

I’m proud to announce that after several months of developing and working on my very own comic, I am nearing completion.  The story is just getting its final edits and finishing touches.  The character has been created and I have an artist’s rendition that captures exactly what I see in my mind’s eye.  All that remains is getting the art completed.  Granted this is not a small task, but I am confident that I can find the perfect artist to bring my comic to life.

If you have learned anything about me it’s that I’m a huge comic fanatic.  A 50+ long box library is a small indication of how seriously I take my comic collecting.

I put the “F” in fangirl.  Can I just share how proud I am to have created such an amazing character?  Her name is Sarai and I am a true believer.  It is my hope that when you read her story you will be too.

I read so many different types of comic books and have found much to admire in each of them that I decided to write my own – and hence Sarai was born.  Let me tell you it is not easy.  Creating a character is not all there is to it.  From the creative challenges of having an interesting plot and securing quality art to the more mundane process of formatting the story manuscript in the appropriate form for artists to use to create the art, it is so much more than just having an idea!  I have an entirely new and profound respect for comic book writers, artists, colorists, letterers, and inkers.

Please check my twitter page @SonnieRobin if you don’t believe me.

Let me give a quick shout out to my artist Antonio Clark (You can find him on facebook and instagram) who did such an amazing job taking Sarai from my head and putting her onto paper.  Antonio is very talented and easy to work with.


Sarai is a 12 year old Nigerian girl whose small town village life is shattered forever as she finds herself captured by an organization with, let’s just say, extremist views about the place of girls and women in society.  Certain she is going to die, Sarai makes a bargain in an attempt to save her life.

I would love to tell you more about my beloved Sarai and the comic in general, but for now I’ve to keep things a little hush-hush.

Yes, and its killing me slowly inside.

Let me know what you think thus far. Find us on Facebook @Sarai The Comic Page


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