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Hey Chatterboxigans,

I haven’t been blogging much, and if you ask me why I’ll give you about fifty excuses.

The truth is I’m sort of busy with my children’s book projects along with trying to write my own comic, Sarai. It’s approximately 90% complete I just need a pretty good artist to get the show on the road.

In all honestly writing a comic book is harder than I thought. I often wonder how Jeff Lemire, Brian K Vaugh, Cullen Bunn etc Keep whipping out new and exciting comics in which each issue is a hit. I need to take a sip of (or the entire bottle) of their creative wine or take a bath in the fountain of creativity.

I have nothing, but love and respect for you comic book creators. I can only aspire to be on your level.

So, recently people have been asking me via twitter, Instagram and Facebook to list some comics that I’m currently reading. In no particular order here goes:

Image Comics

The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman)

Saga (Brian K Vaughan)

Outcast (Robert Kirkman)

Redneck (Donny Crates)

Royal City (Jeff Lemire)

Regression (Cullen Bunn)

Cannibal (Brian Buccellato)

Postal (Matt Hawkins Bryan Hill)

Crosswind (Simone)

Black Monday Murders (Hickman)

Generation Gone (Ales kot)

Kill Or Be Killed (Ed Brubaker)

Seven To Eternity (Rick Remender)

Eclipse (Zack Kaplan)

Plastic (Doug Warner)

Glitterbomb (Jim Zub)

Spread (Justin Jordan)

Darkhorse Comics

American Gods (Neil Gaiman)

Dept.H (Matt Kindt)

Black Hammer (Jeff Lemire)

Harrow County (Cullen Bunn)


AfterShock Comics

BabyTeeth (Donny Cates)

Eleanor & The Egret (John Layman)

Unholy Grail (Cullen Bunn)

American Monster (Brian Azzarello)

The Normals (Adam Glass)

Pestilence (Frank Tieri)

Black Eyed Kids (Joe Pruett)

Animosity (Marguerite Bennett)

Boom Studios

The Unsound (Cullen Bunn)

Sisters Of Sorrow (Kurt Sutter)


Clean Room (Gail Simone)

Savage ThingsĀ  (Justin Jordan)

Lucifer (Holly Black)

EverAfter from the pages of Fables (David Justus, Matthew Struges)



The Great Divide (Ben Fisher)



Xo Manowar

I’m sure there are about 40-50 more. I didn’t include Marvel and DC comics because they deserve their own blog post.

Feel free to recommend some. I’m always looking for new material to read.

Thanks for reading. Take care until next time.


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