Game Of Thrones


Hey Chatterboxigans,

Welcome to another rumbling, rambling and rumination of an obsessed fan-girl. (Well that was a mouth full huh?)

I used to hate Sundays because they were just a big fat reminder that the next day meant I was forced to be an adult again. But since Game of Thrones has returned I’m literally dying for Sunday to be here so I can relax and have a grand old time with my favorite characters. Is that sad?

The show has been fantastic thus far and I cant believe we have only five episodes left (What’s life after Game of Thrones? Someone please find out and let me know <—–Insert sad faces here.



I’m going to cry like a baby when Jon and Arya reconnect.. It’s going to be a Daryl and Rick / Daryl and Carol kind of scene. Listen, If I had a dollar for every time I felt more emotion for a fictional character than people in real life, I could pay for the psychiatric help I obviously need.

I dont think my heart can take losing any more of my favorite characters, but I cant get enough of Jon Snow, Arya, Lady Mormont and Tyrion. If they die I’m going to cry. What else could I do ? lol I’m a fan-girl with an unhealthy obsession with this show and like everybody else I have my own theory of whats going to happen. Yes, all of a suddenly I’m a sorceress.

Lastly, I would so love to own a dragon or a dire-wolf. Such majestic creatures (feeling hopeful LOL)

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