I’m from tank-swimming, lizards and climbing tall trees
From single parent households and double-skinned knees

From marbles and hopscotch and cricket in the street
And days when we all could barely make ends meet

I’m from the Anansi, rolling calves and frightening blackhearts
Annie Palmer and duppies, and Miss Mary’s black arts

There was Mr. James or Miss Brown, who could whip your backside
With not a word from your mama, right there alongside

I’m from Bull Inna Pen with the sun beating down
and bucket pails of water worn as a crown.

I’m from a Grandmother, who favored Queen of the Maroon
Sharing her wisdom by the light of the moon

I’m from waking up earlier on the weekend
because you have clothes to wash and things to mend

I’m from barefoot walks, feet covered in dew.
Though I have plenty of shoes now, I miss this – it’s true.

I am from Manchester Parish and all its simple ways
And I am grateful to be so, now and for all of my days

#Jamaican #Jamaica #Countrylife


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